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What We Do?

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Therapy And Counselling

Individual therapy with Akashni involves a dialogue between her and the client. This dialogue involves an exploration of the needs of the client, assessing where the client is at as well as where the client would like to be. Individual therapy is useful in addressing difficult life challenges which the client may currently be experiencing. This exploration of challenges opens up possibilities for new ways of thinking and behaving. Akashni works with people with everyday concerns as well as those who have serious psychological challenges in the form of depression, anxiety, stress and bipolar disorder to name a few.

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Psychological testing provides a wonderful portal into the mind of an individual. It provides the psychologist with an array of possibilities in understanding a person’s behaviour. Psychological testing measures an individual’s performance at a specific moment in time. It is present, real time data that allows the psychologist to make clinical and diagnostic assumptions based on the test data.

  • Diagnostic psychological evaluations

These psychological assessments are used for medico-legal purposes. Tests used in this category are primarily used to determine if any psychological conditions underpin the individual’s behavior.

  • Intellectual assessments

The current focus of intellectual assessments is learning potential. Focus areas are:

  • IQ and Scholastic (reading, spelling, math’s) assessments.
  • School readiness evaluation
  • Behavioural assessments (ADHD screening)
  • Emotional Assessments
  • Occupation assessments
Occupational assessments are conducted for company’s who are in the process of appointing a candidate in a new position. These assessments assist the recruiter to sift through their short listed candidates so that they appoint the best candidate for the job.
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Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness in which sensory input is processed in a different way for that individual at that time. It is usually accompanied by relaxation and a state of focused attention. Hypnotherapy is used by Akashni to access emotional states which are otherwise not available in the conscious mind. Hypnotherapy is solely used as part of therapy (not in isolation).

Akashni uses Past Life Regression (PLR) with those individuals who have found it hard to understand their current emotional maladies. She utilizes PLR to access past memories (current and past life) as a means to addressing current psychological maladies.
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Akashni’s coaching programme is unique in that she marries her experience as a psychologist with her coaching providing the client with a holistic and unique approach to self-development and self-discovery. She encourages her clients to open themselves up to their own scrutiny so that they can better understand themselves in an environment that is safe. Akashni’s book the  Soul Quilt is used for group coaching processes.
Areas of coaching involve:

  • Lifestyle coaching
  • Self-growth and  self-exploration
  • Career Coaching
  • Soul Coaching

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Group Workshops

The I AM... Program is a personal transformational journey that runs over one intensive weekend. The core principles and teachings of this programme are from Dr Akashni’s book, the Soul Quilt.  This programme provides a path towards self- enlightenment, self-awareness and personal enhancement.  It helps the client delve deep down into their core to find who they truly are. It takes them on their own personal journey of self-discovery to heal themselves. This programme is suitable for anyone who wishes to find the true meaning of their existence.
This intensive getting in touch with yourself programme will allow the client to enhance their greater awareness of their true being. The workshop includes comprehensive insights into specific areas of one’s developmental stages. It will help individuals and couples understand themselves within a broader context. This programme enhances better communications, deeper intimacy with partners and building heathy foundations.
This programme is offered separately for:
Individuals (Females only)
Couples (4 couples only during one session)
Teenagers (Females only)

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Couples / Marital Therapy

The purpose of couples / marital therapy is to provide a neutral/non-judgmental, safe and open space for both partners to come together to explore the challenges they face in their relationship. Akashni employs a holistic approach to couples therapy, through using her knowledge of various cultural backgrounds she is able to find common ground with the clients and use that as a positive tool to drive success in therapy. She is a great proponent of openness and transparency and utilizes various assessments tools to assist the clients to understand themselves and their partners better. This approach opens up the areas of communication which is usually the first biggest obstacle and cause of distress. Areas that Akashni focuses on are: infidelity, loss of identity within the relationship, divorce, child rearing practices, infertility, domestic violence, trauma and so forth.















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