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Akashni Maharaj

Unlike therapy, that diagnoses and treats mental illness or addresses a traumatic past, coaching builds the mental strength you need to move forward. It may address a specific problem, sharpen certain skills, or help you rid yourself of certain unhealthy habits.

Mental strength coaching services are customized to your needs. Some people meet with me a few hours every month. 

Other people need only 1-2 consultations. Some common reasons why people need mental strength coaching include: 


Parenting concerns / Questions


Lack of confidence / self-worth


Career development


Stress management


Lack of motivation


Fitness / Health struggles


Breaking bad habits


Overcoming psychological barriers


Book coaching / Speaking business questions

Dr Akashni’s coaching programme is unique in that she marries her experience as a psychologist with her coaching providing the client with a holistic and unique approach to self-development and self-discovery. She encourages her clients to open themselves up to their own scrutiny so that they can better understand themselves in an environment that is safe. Dr Akashni’s books the  Soul Quilt and the Chakra Workbook are used for the coaching processes.


Dr. Akashni does not accept medical aid for her coaching sessions and she does not do diagnostics or provide procedural codes for medical aid billing. By scheduling this session, you are acknowledging the understanding that you are booking Dr. Akashni for a life-coaching session and not therapy. A cancellation policy of 24 hours and payment will be applied.

PLEASE NOTE: Session will be held face to face or online via zoom, skype or whatsapp video.

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