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Dr Akashni Maharaj is a registered Counselling psychologist, Coach, Hypnotherapist & Author. She is a PhD graduate from the University of Zululand, a double Masters graduate; with a Masters in Counselling Psychology (UKZN) and a second Masters in Industrial Psychology (UDW).

Dr. Akashni Maharaj is a qualified and trained certified NLP Coach, Hypnotherapist and Yoga instructor. Her experience in different hospitals, educational institutions and the private sector has stood her in good stead as a psychologist with a wealth of knowledge to bring to her therapy sessions. As a practising psychologist in private practice, she has been awarded the title of Business Achiever Award 2015 in the Professional Category.

She has published four books and appears regularly on radio talk shows and in print media and is frequently requested by companies, schools and women organizations to address issues on self-development and empowerment.

Her passion for life is shared by many of her clients as she is a great advocate for a healthy, holistic lifestyle. She regularly conducts meditation and relaxation classes at her rooms.

Dr Akashni Maharaj

Dr Akashni Maharaj Psychologist

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Dr Akashni Maharaj

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