The "I Am"

(Based on the Chakra Workbook)

The “I Am” programme level 2 online course is a deeper, more personal journey. This programme utilises psychology, energy, chakra, breathwork and yoga to unite you with your true self. It is a road map towards enlightenment, self-discovery, self-awareness and personal enhancement. It helps you delve deeper within yourself to find out who you are, what you are and what your purpose is.

The Journey Within

The importance of self-discovery:

Course Content

A combination of various modalities to understand your core self is used as part of this programme so that you experience your inner being in a full holistic way.

Dimensions of a whole being:


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Intellectual understanding, conscious mind awareness, how to decode information and understand your ego.


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Your body is a reflection of your subconscious mind and unconscious beliefs.


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Digging deep to reveal your deeper purpose.
What we will cover together


Who are you anyway?


Understanding your personality – Use of the MBTI and Enneagram. Cognitive Behavioural approach to understanding your story, and where you’re at.

Be one with the Om


Patanjali’s eight limbs of yoga unpacked as part of psychology and body experience.

All you have to do is breathe


The introduction to breathwork and how pranayama can assist you to lead a fuller life.

Be aligned with the energy

Understanding your Chakras

A basic journey through the chakras. Understanding the body as a system of energy and know what your body is saying.

Level Two: 21 day online course

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