What’s in your nature you will do that? Agree? There was once a story about a frog and a scorpion. The scorpion asked the frog to take him across the lake. The frog was skeptical at first and was afraid that it might get stung. The scorpion asserts and tries to convince the frog the if indeed it does sting the frog , then wont they both drown? The frog saw merit in this argument and went on to trust that it won’t be stung. As the frog and the scorpion reached the end of the lake, the scorpion stings the frog. The frog baffled and asks the scorpion… why did you do that? The scorpion replies, it’s just in my nature to sting. Now was the scorpion deceitful? Yes? No? No first, the scorpion was not deceitful because it is just doing what is in its nature. It can’t help itself. Yes if this was a human story, then there would be some discussion about truthfulness and keeping to ones word. Even in this…we can argue that if a person’s nature is to be deceitful, then how can we blame the person for its nature?

Well that was the frog and the scorpion for you. Bringing the moral of that story back home, we must understand that we all do what is in our nature. If we kind, we will do kind acts and behave kindly even when people trample over us. If we deceitful and cunning and unrighteous we will behave accordingly in that nature.  Can we change our core being? I don’t know. Maybe with lots of commitment, dedication and devotion to changing we can. However we must understand the nature vs nurture story. If it’s in your nature to be unkind to someone I am sure the environment you are in plays a role and can and will have some impact on you? I should hope so. I suppose if the environment is strong and the influence is great, a good person can turn to uncharacteristic behaviours and similarly someone with bad ways can be influenced positively and shift their attitude and behaviour.

There is such a fine line between nature and nurture and who we choose to be true too, do we allow nature to inform and imprint on our pure soul? But that’s what the reality is; we are all born as pure untouched and untainted souls. Through nature and nurture and to a large extent if you believe in karmic cycles we are all here to follow a path that is predetermined by our higher power yet also to an extent it is informed and determined by your own willpower and your actions.. We are also given umpteen opportunities to review what we like our true nature to be. Somewhere along the way, the buck stops with you trying to understand why you are here on this earth. What is you purpose and what attitude you want to display.

The Jimmy Series

Jimmy Asks:

  1. What imprint do you want to leave behind?

2. Are you prepared to be led, or you choosing to lead?

Jimmy Says:

Look at your feet, find a patch of sand and stand on it. Create your foot print. Take a picture of it and put it on your vision board. With those feet you create your personal unique space in this world.

Jimmy’s Takeaway:

Leave an imprint you proud of

Stay Awesome

Dr Akashni

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