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Hi there,

This is my very first official blog post and I thought that it would be fitting to let you know the psychology behind the psychologist. I am Dr Akashni Maharaj, a psychologist and Developmental Coach in private practice. My view on life is rather simple, I believe that we all should live our true purpose. What do I mean by this? Simple: It is listening to your soul and knowing what your soul needs in order for you to live your life with true purpose.


In my book, The Soul Quilt, I focus on these pertinent issues that addresses the needs of the Soul. I delve deep into the depths of the soul from childhood till present and work out all the things that contributed one to not walking the path of the soul. As a psychologist I see many individuals who are in pain and who cannot identify why they are the way they are. My approach to therapy combines the best of psychotherapy and complementary methods in order to achieve a fully functioning healthy and whole personality. Through my blogs you will learn more about me, and maybe somewhere along the way, you might find your soul’s purpose and that would make my soul smile. I believe, “ my journey is finding your soul’s purpose” So lets see where this leads us both,  as you and I begin the journey together; learning, exploring and adventuring in the unknown. Mind you, as scary as it sounds, it’s that much more exciting and amazing, because this where you are learning about the most intimate person in your life, YOU!

C’mon lets journey this path together….

Dr Akashni

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