The Many Versions of You

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Do you believe there are many versions of You? Yes! You heard correct. We all portray various characters to meet the needs of various contexts we interact with. With some people we are loving, jovial and show our free spirited side…to others we show our in control and together side, to some we show our vulnerable parts and then to ourselves we only reveal what is pleasant to us.  We are all context bound characters. We shape ourselves to meet what the context desires. Do you agree? Well here’s the truth, the ultimate goal is to find yourself, know yourself, and be yourself. 

Living in these difficult times were there are so many expectations of you…can you really be yourself in all situations? I don’t know that is something to think about. But what I do know for sure is that we all have a base personality, the core of us, the parts of us that is real and genuine and which cannot change. This is the TRUE SELF. It’s like the base coat of paint.

From this core self emerges other characters, which is contextually defined, so if your father needs a loving daughter, you will be a loving daughter, if your child needs s stern parent. You are that stern parent, if your partner needs you to be uninhibited intimately behind closed doors, you become that person. What doesn’t change is your True You.  You shape shift and mould to suit the situation, not the person. There is a clear distinction between the two. We never shift for a person, that would then mean you changing for that person, which isn’t the goal. You change to suit the context.

The Jimmy Series

Jimmy says:

Ask every member of your family to tell you how they see you. Then you tell them how you see them. Now compare how you view yourself with what others say about you.

Jimmy asks:

What is different?

Jimmy Says

Many people will have varied versions of you. Some will see things in you that you like and some will see things you don’t like. Generally everyone will either project their needs onto you. If a child needs a loving parent and you are a harsh parent,  the child won’t see the harshness he or she will only see the parts which he/she sees as loving.  Therefore we meet a need in every person we interact with. This is life. We are many different people rolled into one. The only way you don’t get lost in the many versions of you, is if you always remember who your TRUE SELF is.

Jimmy’s Takeaway:

Your TRUE SELF is from where u draw from, let it be a dynamite one.

Stay Awesome

Dr Akashni

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