Churning Your Conscience

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There are many of us out there who have done things, thought things and reacted to things which can be considered immoral. Now the morality code is under question. Who dictates our morality? Is it society, our parents, is it God or is it ourselves?  Now each of you reading this will say different things. Each of us will justify why our way of thinking makes sense. Such is life, we are all different and nothing and no one can say anything otherwise. So let’s get back to conscience. Our conscience is our greatest measure of truth. If we feel the pang of guilt for something then we know for sure that what we are doing is wrong. What we do then, is we stop doing the said thing.

Now let’s stretch this a little further. What happens when we do something which we know goes against belief, we feel the initial pangs of guilt and yet we still continue to do it. We then sit later on in our quiet moments and reflect on it. Many times our conscience will breed guilt. We allow this guilt to grow bigger until it turns into fear. We then feed the fear within. Fear makes us become hard on ourselves, we punish ourselves terribly and we then step out of our selves and behave in a manner which is not true to our core being. Because fear, opens the door for us to become people we do not like. It’s like allowing a stranger with a dangerous weapon into your home. 

Fear and morality I figure becomes a two door concept. On the one side we can be strict to a fault and steadfast in our thinking. And on the other side we can be more flexible, reckless and adventurous at the risk of allowing fear in to breed within. Now in all reality, if we truly had a strict moral code there will be no room for door number 2. Your reality about anything and everything will stay within the lines of righteousness.

The Jimmy Series

Jimmy asks?

  1. Can we truly say we are all 100% righteous?

2. Can we all say that we never stepped even a smidge over the line for a cause or for a need etc.?

Morality for you and me as mentioned earlier is vastly and greatly subjective. We have societies moral code, our parents moral code, your religions moral code and most important of all we have your own personal moral code. Your moral code comes from your knowledge, your teachings and your intellect. When you use your intellect you become your own moral compass. When you use your emotions to make decisions you engage your emotional moral compass if influence by following others’ moral code. When you use religions moral compass you use your higher powers teachings as your moral code (which is great) but not if preached or taught by a guru/teacher/learned one who isn’t righteous and morally correct themselves. This then leads one to merely follow blindly.

Jimmy Says:

All in all when you are truly comfortable within yourself, your personal moral code would come from knowing who you want to be , how you wish to be and who you like to be. Once you have identified the person you Are, your decisions become your personal truth. This truth then stands strong and firm. Whatever moral questions come thereafter is met with openness.

Every action emanating from this comes from fearlessness. Every thought you process from this decision will lead you to liberation. Always be mindful of this fact, that whatever you do in life, it must sit well within your conscience alone. Hence churn your conscience when morality is placed in front of you and only after churning take a decision.

Stay Awesome

Dr Akashni

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