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Table mountain views are just awesome.
Have you ever had the feeling within the pit of your stomach that something awesome was about to happen? Well today going up on the cable car to the top of Table mountain, I had that niggly feeling that I was about to step into a new phase on my journey toward self realisation and growth.

The sun was blazing, my cheeks were burning, my skin was turning a chocolate brown and tanning (as if I needed one). Bearing the heat, I took in the Mountain air as I disembarked the cable car. The sight was simply awesome, my breath was taken away as I walked around the mountain top whilst absorbing the beautiful views and seaviews from hundreds of feet above sea level ( approximately hundreds I think..I was never really good at Math). I enjoyed the clean crispness of the mountain air, took in  the scenery till my eyes were blurry from tiredness, felt the rock under my shoes as I navigated my way from end to end. There is an undeniable beauty up there which cannot be translated into words…its the feeling you have within your inner being that makes one appreciate the wonders of our beautiful world. How amazing are these wonders that generously replenishes our energy when we are depleted. I say thank you nature for the air we breathe in, for the energy you lend us to go on another day and the gift of sight to appreciate beauty through its lenses.

We are so blessed to be able to live in a world that constantly reminds us of how amazing life is out there and how amazing we can really be if we just take a moment to absorb, acknowledge and appreciate. 
Dr A

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