The Beauty of being you

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Life may throw you many challenges but know one thing, that, if you are truly happy within yourself, then no matter what you look like, fat, thin, tall, short, dark, fair etc etc… You will radiate beauty and confidence from within.
It has taken me many years and lots of tears to see the truth in that fact… For many years I also, like many of you out there, was truly unhappy with many things about myself…but life is such that no matter how much you need the lift up, life somehow feels the need to kick you further down for you to appreciate what ‘rising from the ground’ truly means. There is no greater lesson than that.
Maya Angelou says it beautifully….” Still I Rise”.
I would like every one of you who is insecure at the moment to look within yourselves and choose to rise from the ground.
Rise like the phoenix who needs to die inorder to build again from its ashes. 
Rise to greet the world… 

Say hello…

Be creative. Be unique. Be honest to you and  your soul. 

Love from within.

Love with no limits

Be brave for you are born with the universe within you.

Be the King and Queen of your world and not the pawn of someone elses.

Dr A

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