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2017, Day 1. 

​Day 1 of a brand new year. I hope you all had an awesome awesome new years eve and day. I welcomed the new year with my loved ones and with thousands of others at Suncoast. It was such a spiritual experience to stand amongst many people but still be able to close my eyes and thank 2016 for keeping me safe and allowing me to make peace with the year. No matter how good or bad 2016 has been, it kept me alive and that for me is far more important than how successful I have been or what I have achieved during the year. To be able to write another post, to kiss my loved ones another day is priceless. 

I want to start 2017 with something that is important and close to my heart. Its about sharing the love. We are all so busy with life and with our daily chores that we forget we are part of humanity. We can offer so much.  I know we all dont have time throughout the year go out and do seva every day so here is my solution to this. They say charity begins at home, my New Years project is for each and every one of us to adopt the attitude of spreading the love through the act of generosity and kindness. So, instead of saying thank you to someone; you can either pass on a little smiley face drawn on a napkin.

 Secondly, we could do what Salman Khan has done in the movie Jai Ho,by creating a chain reaction where instead of saying thank you, you help 3 people and you ask those 3 people help 3 other people. 

 Its simple….yes! When we start to make a difference in others, we ultimately make a diiference within ourselves. I would like us to do this together. 

Help me make a difference together by
starting this chain of Spreading the Love from today. The first day of a brand new year. Send me your comments on what you have done…or what someone has done for you. I would love to hear all about it.
Dr Akashni

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