If you Must…

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“I want to aquire a Must for my life” – Dr Akashni
What is sadness? Sadness is an emotional pain characterised by the feelings of loss and despair.  Sadness is like being on a carousel. When you on it, you initially keep staying on, only because the ride is comfortable and you feel safe in your sadness. It has become your great friend and companion and for the most part you have become accustomed to the ride. You know what it’s all about, there are no curves and humps and/or bumps. Its a comfortable ride. 

But then the carousel stops and you choose to either stay on or jump off. Because for some,  the safety in the comfort is far more appealing than the unknown, they choose to stay and go deeper into the depths of their sadness. This then results in the sadness becoming depression and the depression becoming a close companion. For those individuals, the carousel now becomes their safety net. 

For those who choose to jump off, they understand that nothing is rosy and peachy but that the alternatives far outweigh the extra baggage of a companion you have to constantly maintain. These individuals are ready to take the plunge and face reality. They show their bravery and courage openly even though they may be slowly dying inside. But that’s the beauty of life…we are all afraid, we are all shaking in our boots at some of life’s challenges but what really makes one awesome beyond measure is that no matter what the fear is or where the fear arises from…our personal Will for survival overshadows all. 

Today, i got on solo onto the Cobra at Ratanga Jungle in CT. The rollercoaster ride was short but punchy. It delivered on the fear factor big time. At moments I felt as if I was going to die (probably what people feel when they feel out of control). When i was travelling at a ridiculous speed, turned upside down and shaken like a ferero milkshake…many thoughts went through my mind. I thought..what if I fall…look how I am dressed…how would I fall on the ground…what if the brace comes loose…what if I never see my family again…oh!! I didnt lose the weight I planned on losing…what if…So much fear on a less than 5 minute ride ( I stand to be corrected on this). Million thoughts that were absolutely ridiculous all in a span of 5 minutes. Then the ride ended and i was released from the bonds…i had a glee on my face and boasting rights that I didn’t throw up, that I didn’t cry and the best of all…I survived to write a blog about it. Yes!! I survived. Much like sadness…it can be temporary if you choose. Therefore I say, be sad if you must…stay on the carousel for a few cycles if you must …but get off you must …You have no choice because a new companion awaits you…and that’s Life….. awaiting your beautiful presence. 

Be Present Darlings…Always.😘

With love…Dr A

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