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We were all given a brain at birth. Through the months and years as we grew, we developed our own thoughts, emotions and acted out these thoughts and behaviours. Our personalities were nurtured by our loving parents. We were good children and sometimes we were naughty children. When our parents reprimanded us, we either rebelled or we accepted. At every step of the way, we exercised our Will power. Even when we were going out of control and we were restrained, we still exercised our Will power in the form of self-control.

As the years went by we became this person who you see every time you pass a mirror. Now what do you see when you look at that person in the mirror? Do you like that person? Do you accept that person? But one thing for sure is that you certainly wear that person every day to work, home and when you socialising etc. You never say …Hey I don’t like you…stay home. You take along the whole person (all parts of you, i.e. mind, body and soul), everywhere you go. Why do you do this?  You do this because you have control over your life. You choose your path, through your decisions, thoughts and emotions. You choose to do what feels appropriate for that period of time. You see, it’s like this; our lives are always fully within our control, from the movement of your limbs to our speech to our actions. In every step you are in full conscious awareness of yourself 24/7/365.   When you are conscious, you are moving. The direction you are moving is always forward, never backwards. Even when you feel you are simply existing, you are still living, living in that moment because every moment is a brand new second and minute. It is brand new. You do not say (when you are existing) that I won’t breathe today or I won’t speak today or I won’t eat today or I won’t move today). No, you don’t say that. Your mind believes the thought, “I am existing”, but your willpower to live is shown in your daily physical actions (breathing, moving etc.).  So the next time you feel you are falling apart, take time to appreciate your willpower and the gift of breath. We are not told by anyone how to use our willpower and breath, it is present and is a natural human action. It is certainly out of your control. I say, if you have to live with something, learn it, master it and become an expert in the art of using it wisely and to your advantage.

The Jimmy Series

Jimmy Says:

Stand in front of the mirror and breathe into the mirror. Watch as you breathe out, how YOUR breath, which exists within your body, creates an imprint on that external thing (the mirror). That is YOU breathing, telling yourself, that you should breathe into the mirror. That’s ALL YOU.

Jimmy Takeaway:

Your brain does what you tell it to do. It listens if you speak to it, therefore speak lovingly and gently

Stay Awesome

Dr Akashni

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