The Energy Of Money

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Money makes the world turn emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually

They say, never let money get to your head. However as much as I hate to say this but even good people lose their head when money is involved. The first thing to go from a person’s value toolbox is respect. This is closely followed by entitlement and a sense of superiority. I am no millionaire and this blog isnt to attack the ones who have money but it’s a reality check. I have seen this happening so often that I think it’s time for some words.

When money becomes the driving force of a persons agenda then they lose their purpose along the way. Many individuals change themselves, their attitude and their behaviour to accommodate their money. The most prevalent concern is when someone feels entitled to be treated with respect because they have more than you or when they believe that the job which brings them their riche is more important than yours. It’s as if your job or you doesn’t matter. When this imbalance exists then an issue of power and control, importance and less importance starts to brew. But below the surface lies the deeper issue and one which is of respect.

Respect for others’ time and patience, respect for one self and respect for the order of society. Somehow the belief to many is that money maketh the man and that if you rolling in the so-called dough then you are above everyone else.

Well the reality of the above scenario is real and is currently in action. My take on this is that, as much as you have money, it shouldn’t change who you are at your core. If you at the onset were true to yourself then no one, not even the mighty powers of the moola you have can change you. It will never take you away from your TRUE self.

Respect yourself enough to not allow money to change who you are. Your money is your achievement, your hard work and your status. It’s your business. When you change for money then you no longer control your money, your money controls you. This shift in energy is vital. It’s important to take cognisance of. In order for a healthy and successful relationship with every one you interact with to exist, you need to be aware of who is indeed exchanging energy. You or the money?

Energy exchange through your consciousness is one thing but when money starts to exchange energy on behalf of you with other humans then you know that trouble is brewing because you no longer have a relationship with people but your money is speaking on your behalf. This is a place you don’t wish to be.

Remember that what you make can be taken away. It’s material things. And what you inculcate through your behaviour and attitude will remain in people’s hearts for eternity. Choose wisely if you want money to be your spokesperson or you.

Dr Akashni

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