Moral Code

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We have all been put into situations where our moral code comes under question. What do we do? Do we go with what is morally right for us or do we go with what others think is right?

Ethical and moral dilemmas can leave one feeling very torn because the fine line between pleasing others and doing the right thing is always presenting itself. So…What makes sense for You? Moral codes are what we adopt from our value system. It should be the foundation of everything you stand for. If your moral code is set in stone, then do you think you will have any doubt as to what you should do? Highly unlikely! Have you met a person who knows exactly what he or she wants and believes in? These individuals may come across as rigid but what defines them from others or what sets them apart from others is there unbending value system. An unbending value system means your path is clear and when you faced with decisions that tug at your moral fiber, you choose righteous thoughts and behaviour above all else.

To those who are easily influenced, it is rather challenging for them to stand against what is morally acceptable behaviour. The influence from others may be subtle and not overt, yet the seed is planted in any case. The trick to this dilemma is to know who you are. Knowing who you are, where you come from and what values you hold true to your chest will decide whether you will follow your own moral compass. If you choose complicated then you will be challenged every step of the way. What will decide your outcome is your resolve to your true self. If you remain true to who you are, even a complicated decision becomes an easy one.

The Jimmy Series

Jimmy Says:

Resolve within yourself to live:

1. By your own moral code. Never break that for anyone.
2. Choose what feels right rather than what seems right.
3. Remember the consequences of your actions will be faced only by you. Choose your destiny wisely. 
4. It’s better to stand out rather than fit in. 
5. Leave a legacy footprint for your children to be proud to follow.

6. When all else fails, enter into meditation to find your answer

Jimmy’s Takeaway:

Life can be as complicated or as simple as you make it

Stay Awesome

Dr Akashni

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